Municipal ID Cards, Top Ten Rules of Direct Mail, and more

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Municipal ID cards to help immigrants: Immigrant residents are often unable to access city services and programs because they lack adequate identification. They often can’t even get a library card. ALICE has legislation and resources that support a policy where any resident can get a municipal ID—and 1,500 other model and exemplary bills for both state and local policymakers.

D.C. school test results reflect utter failure of “reform” policies: The latest results of D.C.’s high-stakes standardized test show that the percentage of public school students judged “proficient” or better in reading has declined over the past five years in every significant subcategory except “white.” Read about it on IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Top Ten Rules of Direct Mail: Wednesday, August 13 @3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, noon Pacific. For most state and local policy campaigns, direct mail is the only affordable way to broadcast messages. Register here for an interactive discussion about how to write and design persuasion mail.

State gift card protection laws: The 2009 federal CARD Act provided a variety of protections for consumers of gift cards. However, states can and should provide greater protections. Consumers Union has a list of these provisions.

Beware of the American City County Exchange (ACCE): The right-wing group ALEC has formed an offshoot to promote their extremist agenda in localities, targeting city and county elected officials. If ACCE comes to your jurisdiction, please alert us and we’ll help you fight back.

A message guide: Get the Second Edition of Voicing Our Values. Here is a free PDF of the book or you can buy a printed copy on Amazon here.