Data Mining, Anti-sweatshops, Philosophy in 12 words, and more

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Data mining of K-12 students: The California legislature unanimously passed SB 1177, the Student Online Personal Information Protection Act, which implements the toughest restrictions on student data-mining in the country. The bill prohibits technology firms hired by K-12 schools from selling student data, creating student profiles, or using this information for targeted advertising.

What we stand for in twelve words: What explains the popularity of the conservative brand? Polls consistently show that, when presented one at a time, Americans support progressive, not conservative, policy. It’s the very popular stereotype they’ve built. Read about the how we can fight fire with fire on IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

What is happening in the 2014 election and why: Wednesday, October 22 @3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, noon Pacific. We will go over some of the polling and discuss what voters are thinking about the partisans and the issues in the run-up to the November election. Is minimum wage helping? Is Obamacare hurting? Are there any persuadable voters or is this entirely a turnout election? Register here to participate in this timely discussion.

Anti-sweatshop initiative: Your state or locality probably buys clothing for your police, firefighters, security guards, sanitation workers, maintenance workers and more. And there’s a good chance you buy products from Asian sweatshops. But you don’t have to! Your jurisdiction can join this effort to require vendors to promote fair labor standards.

Scholars Strategy Network is a great policy resource: Hundreds of scholars from universities across the nation are providing expert nonpartisan policy materials online through the Scholars Strategy Network. These cover a very wide variety of topics, so check it out!

Free book on messaging: Want to know how to persuade voters on a wide variety of issues? Read Voicing Our Values: A message guide for candidates and lawmakers by either downloading a free PDF of the book here or buying a printed copy on Amazon here.