Privatization Madness, Job Quality, Obamacare Locator, and More

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Stop the Privatization Madness: Government is being dismantled and handed over piece-by-piece to private for-profit enterprises. It’s time to fight back. Here are both model laws and policy resources to take back control of our public spaces and functions. Have you introduced bills you've found at Let ALICE know:

Outraged about the Tipped Minimum Wage? You should be. The federal minimum wage for tipped employees, like waiters, is $2.13 per hour! That means tipped workers are among the worst paid. But also, when you pay a tip, who do you think gets the money? Indirectly you’re paying the restaurant. Learn more on IdeaLog, our new blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

How to talk about job quality: Workforce issues are hot! All over the nation, progressives are fighting to raise the minimum wage, provide paid time off, and protect employee benefits. Which arguments work best? Join our next webinar Wednesday, February 19 @3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific. Two top experts from Topos Partnership will give a lively presentation.

Join a minimum wage press event: Nonprofits and labor unions are organizing press events throughout the coming weeks to promote a higher minimum wage. This issue is crucial. If you want to know about events in your area, please click here and we’ll send you information.

ObamaCare “Get Covered” Locator: This is a great widget for your website! It allows your constituents to locate free ObamaCare application assistance within 25 miles of their zip code. And it’s entirely customizable to your website.

Compendium: It’s time again to start counting and celebrating progressive victories. We already have several in 2014. Read about them here.