Teacher Fellows, Public Libraries, Freedom to Vote, and more

The Public Leadership Institute is a nonprofit educational group that helps turn state and local elected officials, advocates and grassroots activists into progressive champions. To join, click here.

Teacher Fellows Program Act: Supported by our friends at NEA, AFT, and Opportunity to Learn, this model bill would provide college scholarships to talented students who commit to teach in high-need public schools for four years after graduation. The program both attracts great teachers and addresses the problem of staff turnover. Have resources you’ve found at alicelaw.org informed your policymaking positions? Let ALICE know: alice@alicelaw.org.

To strengthen public libraries, wake up and smell the coffee: Know anybody who goes to a bookstore to read, relax and drink coffee? Millions of Americans do. Why not create that same kind of coffee shop experience at your local library? Learn more about it on IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

How to message and win on LGBT issues: This week’s webinar features Hans Johnson, a nationally-acclaimed consultant for LGBT political and legislative campaigns. In addition to hearing about the best ways to argue for LGBT rights, join the discussion and ask Hans about campaigns and ballot initiatives in your local jurisdictions. This webinar is Friday, March 7 @3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific.

Policies to promote the freedom to vote: Our friends at Dēmos have just published Millions to the Polls, a report that outlines sixteen policies and practices that would make registration more accessible and seamless, lead to more effective and efficient election administration, and strengthen protections for voters’ rights.

Income inequality in your state: The Economic Policy Institute just created an interactive webpage that provides great talking points about income inequality in your own state.

Compendium: We feature some horrific right-wing legislation today, side-by-side with really worthy progressive victories. Read about them here.