Messaging Memos, Reproductive Rights, Swing Voters and more

The Public Leadership Institute is a nonprofit educational group that helps turn state and local elected officials, advocates and grassroots activists into progressive champions. To join, click here.

Reproductive Rights: Get proactive on the issues of contraception and abortion. These ALICE Toolkits explain how to guarantee emergency contraception services for sexual assault survivors, protect access to reproductive health clinics, and crack down on false advertising by crisis pregnancy centers. ALICE has more than 1,300 progressive bills and ordinances for your use.

It’s all the media’s fault! The mainstream news media, which is supposed to deliver truthful information to the public and call out lies by officeholders and political actors, actually causes bad political behavior. News reporters aren’t the only players at fault, but they’re the only ones who can change America’s toxic political environment. This short article is posted on IdeaLog, our new blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Three basic principles for persuading average Americans: Politics is the art of persuasion and our challenge is that people rarely admit they’re wrong. We don’t really “change” people’s minds. But we can use beliefs that are already in their heads—like basic values—to show them we’re on the same side. Join our next webinar, on Wednesday, January 22 @3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific, to discuss three principles that help in any argument.

Messaging Memos: What are the arguments that work in 2014? Here are separate memos giving values-based messaging for the Affordable Care Act, Budgets and Taxes, Climate Change, Gun Violence, Immigrants’ Rights, Minimum Wage, Voting Rights and many more issues.

Voters don’t like “poverty”: It’s the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty, we need to talk about it, but it’s a tricky political subject. As we explain here, persuadable voters hold negative stereotypes about the poor. There’s a good deal of research about this on the Topos Partnership website.

Progressive Agenda for you: We offer a Progressive Agenda for the States and Localities for the new year. This booklet describes 42 policies in detail and suggests 50 more, with hyperlinks to model legislation. Download a PDF copy here. Order printed copies here.