Arsenal License, Subsidy Clawback, Progressive Agenda, and more

The Public Leadership Institute is a nonprofit educational group that helps turn state and local elected officials, advocates and grassroots activists into progressive champions. To join, click here.

Subsidy clawback: Your state or locality is wasting a lot of money on unproductive subsidies. A “clawback” is a subsidy contract clause that provides a money-back guarantee if developers fail to fulfill the promises they made to get the money. ALICE has more than 1,300 progressive bills and ordinances for your use.

The Case for an Arsenal License: Read this and be astonished. Millions of Americans have private arsenals of guns, based on publicly-available data and a poll of gun owners. This is the first post on IdeaLog, our new blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

High-quality teachers: To maintain quality schools, nothing is more important than recruiting, training and retaining quality teachers. There are currently a lot of simplistic, misleading, and outright false political arguments about the profession of teaching. Join our next webinar, on Wednesday, January 8 @3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific, to discuss real answers and proven legislation.

State and Local legislation for 2014: We offer a Progressive Agenda for the States and Localities for the new year. This booklet describes 42 policies in detail and suggests 50 more, with hyperlinks to model legislation. Download a PDF copy here. Order printed copies here.

Top 18 ideas for state laws and local ordinances: In just one page, we offer 18 ideas for state legislation and a separate 18 ideas for city and county ordinances. Hyperlinks take you directly to policy descriptions and model bills on ALICE.

Victories at the State and Local levels: While the 2013 Congress was among the least productive in history, progressive state and local lawmakers won victories on a wide range of issues. Our 2013 report is available right here.