Revenge Porn, Wedge Issues, Minimum Wage and more

The Public Leadership Institute is a nonprofit educational group that helps turn state and local elected officials, advocates and grassroots activists into progressive champions. To join, click here.

Revenge Porn: Only two states make it a crime to post sexually explicit media online without the consent of the pictured individual. For a concise guide to the issue, click here. And for a copy of the strongest state law, see this one. ALICE has more than 1,300 progressive bills and ordinances for your use.

Victory Comes from the States and Localities: While Congress continues in stalemate, real progress is being made in states and localities across America. Progressive legislators, council members and commissioners are at the vanguard of the progressive movement and everyone should recognize their top ten accomplishments of 2013. This is on IdeaLog, our new blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

How to argue for gun legislation: Join our next webinar to discuss universal background checks and semiautomatic assault weaponsWednesday, February 5 @3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific. We’ll talk about the most persuasive arguments and how to respond to specific claims by pro-gun advocates. Sign up here.

Messaging Minimum Wage: Topos Partnership just released a very timely and to-the-point memo with new research findings about the best ways to advocate for an increase in the minimum wage.

Top Wedge Issues for 2014: Conservatives have, for many years, used “wedge issues” to split moderates from progressives. Fight back with this document which explains five top state and local policies, why they are great issues for 2014, and where you can get model bills.

New initiatives at NEA: Our friends at the National Education Association announced a series of initiatives which mark a significant milestone in NEA’s history which will directly and indirectly impact education in your state or locality. Read about it here.