Job Piracy, Millionaires' Tax, Defining Freedom, and more

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Model Legislation from ALICE

Millionaires’ tax: From 1995 to 2010, the one percent richest Americans saw their state and local taxes drop by nearly 30 percent as a share of income. State and local governments need money and it’s good politics to focus on making the rich pay their fair share. ALICE has legislation and resources on the millionaires’ tax—and 1,500 other model and exemplary bills for both state and local policymakers.

Freedom Is Free: The Fourth of July is a time for both well-meaning and evil-intending people to misuse the word “freedom.” We need to push back. Read about it on IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Webinar of the Week

How to talk about voting rights: Wednesday, July 16 @2pm Eastern, 1pm Central, noon Mountain, 11am Pacific (Note the unusual time). Communications and elections experts will present the best arguments to support voting rights legislation. Register here to join the discussion and find out which arguments work and which don’t.

Resources You Can Use

Stop job piracy: It is all-too-common for localities to use subsidies to attract businesses from nearby communities. All this does is waste taxpayer dollars. Good Jobs First has a new report that explains the solution: anti-piracy agreements like the ones used in Denver, Colorado and Dayton, Ohio.

Early childhood education support systems: Opportunity to Learn has a new guide that gives advocates a blueprint for developing better-coordinated, early support systems using a whole-child and whole-family approach. Read about it here.

From the Public Leadership Institute

Progressive message framing: Just published, the Second Edition of Voicing Our Values. Download a free PDF of the book here or buy a printed copy on Amazon here.