Campaign Themes, Gender Gap, Minimum Wage and more

Public Leadership

The Public Leadership Institute is a nonprofit educational group that helps turn state and local elected officials, advocates and grassroots activists into progressive champions. To join, click here.

Model Legislation from ALICE

Best Value Contracting: Many cities and states award public works contracts to the lowest bidder without regard to other factors. This tends to encourage poor quality work and makes contract failure more likely. ALICE has a toolkit of model laws and resources for “Best Value Contracting.” Do you have suggestions or feedback about model legislation? Let ALICE know:

What’s a campaign “theme” and why do you need one? A campaign is fundamentally about the question "who is on my side.” There are only four kinds of themes that say “I’m on your side.” Learn more on IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Webinar of the Week

Progressive Values and Message Framing 101: Right wing groups spend millions on message framing and progressives usually don’t know how to answer. Our next webinar explains the basics of using progressive values and poll-tested messaging advice. It’s Wednesday, April 2 @3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific.

Resources You Can Use

How to talk about raising the minimum wage: Generally, swing voters earn more than the minimum wage. So you need to persuade them that they indirectly benefit from an increase, and also that the people receiving direct benefits are deserving. Here’s how to do it.

State-by-state map of gender pay gap: For every dollar a man earns in Wyoming, a woman is paid 64 cents. This interactive map shows how well your state pays women compared to men.

From the Public Leadership Institute

Progressive victories in 2014: There are dozens of victories and defeats in the state legislatures and city/county councils so far this year. Read about them here.