Policy Models, Bill of Rights, Ballot Initiatives, and more

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Retail Workers’ Bill of Rights: San Francisco enacted a first-in-the-nation package (Hours &  Retention bill and Scheduling & Treatment bill) to protect hourly workers. The package promotes full-time work while protecting part-time workers, it encourages predictable and reasonable hours, and is focused on the largest and most profitable retailers and fast food businesses. Read more here.

When progressives cry “freedom,” what does it mean? Freedom should be fairly easy to understand—it’s a defense of our basic constitutional rights and civil liberties. This is very intentionally a limited definition of freedom, often called “negative freedom.” Why? Read IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Fifty great policy models for 2015: Wednesday, December 17 @3:00pm Eastern, 2:00pm Central, 1:00pm Mountain, noon Pacific. We just published the 2015 edition of the Progressive Agenda for States and Localities. In our next webinar we’ll describe some of the great legislation that lawmakers should consider in 2015. Register here to participate.

Progressives plan multiple ballot initiatives in 2016: Expect to see minimum wage, paid sick leave, equal pay, medical and recreational marijuana, and gun sale background checks on many state ballots in November 2016. The push is based on the expectation that the presidential General Election will turn out progressive voters. Read about it here.

Huge public support for police body cameras: According to a new Pew/USA Today poll, 87 percent of Americans think it’s a “good idea for police officers to wear body cameras that would record their interactions.”

Progress in the States and Localities: What happened in the states, cities, counties and towns over the past eleven months? Our new Progress in the States and Localities is now online. If you have some victories or defeats to add, please send suggestions to Michael Weiss at leadership@publicleadershipinstitute.org.